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Who We Are

Your neighbors in the pest control industry.

Industry veteran Jeremy Hart founded Nooga Pest Control in February of 2022. Soon after its creation, he incorporated Shaun Gardner to establish and ensure the pest control services offered to the Scenic City were of the highest quality. With a combined 15 years of experience, the two had seen enough to realize there is a problem in pest control. The big companies are more concerned with how many houses could be treated in a day than with treating each house right. Nooga Pest Control is on a mission to change that service model.

It’s more than a job to us.

With each visit, we know we’re not just going out on another job, we’re going into someone’s home – your home. We understand the level of trust that goes into letting someone into your home, and that’s why we treat it better than our own. We’re thorough from day one. We don’t just “spray and pray.” We take a comprehensive approach and ensure a complete understanding of the source of your pest problem and the steps we’re taking to treat it.

Child and pet friendly.

We’ve got kids and pets too, that’s why we follow EPA guidelines to a T. The safety of your loved ones is of the utmost importance to us and that’s why the label is the law. We don’t take liberties in the application of our products and always inform you of what we’re doing.

Your time is valuable.

As working men with families, we understand more than most how valuable your time is. It matters to us. That’s why we never show up unannounced and make sure the job is done right and on-time.

There for your business too.

We don’t just protect your home, but your business too. We’re able to treat your facility outside of business hours to accommodate your schedule. So whether you’re running a bakery or a dry cleaner, we’ve got the products and technical expertise to safely treat any pest problem you have.

What we offer

Bugs tell a story, and we write the ending.

To end a pest problem, you’ve got to understand it from the beginning. That’s why we locate the source of the problem and listen to what the pests are telling us: Is a small plumbing leak creating a food source? Is your home improperly sealed? Is there standing water attracting mosquitoes? After we understand the bug’s story completely, we know how to write their ending.

If there’s a pest, we treat it.

Every property is different, and we have the expertise to tackle any pest problem:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Mosquitoes
  • Bed Bugs
  • Flies
  • Fleas and Ticks
  • Termites
  • Rodents
  • Stinging Insects
  • And anything else that creeps or crawls!

We get those spider webs too.

In addition to treating any pest problems you may have, we also provide spider de-webbing.

Why Choose Us

Small business approach, big business know-how.

At Nooga Pest Control, we still believe in the value of hard work. We believe in rolling up our sleeves, getting our hands dirty and doing work you can be proud of. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know you need more than 15 minutes to thoroughly treat a house for pests. That’s why we take our time with each and every visit.

Nothing surprises us.

With 15 years of combined experience, nothing can surprise us. From overnight ant infestations to unrelenting mosquitoes, Nooga Pest Control has seen – and treated – it all. We know exactly how to read a house to pinpoint the exact treatments necessary to solve your pest problem.

Thorough service.

We treat each job with the respect it deserves. Whether it’s an initial inspection or scheduled service, you’ll find us taking detailed notes of everything we find and outlining every step we’ve taken to control your pest problem. Our notes are saved and referenced prior to each visit to ensure nothing is missed.

Small business relationships.

We recognize the personal nature of pest control and believe everyone should be treated with respect. With Nooga Pest Control, you won’t get a different technician showing up unannounced to your house – you’ll get a familiar face that knows the ins-and-outs of your house, ready to help.


Upfront and honest, how pricing should be.

A dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to these days and everyone seems to be out to get something extra. Whether that’s complicated contracts, constant upselling or unnecessary service visits, some pest control companies are always looking to mark up your bill.

No Contracts

No Upselling

Quarterly Service

Our work speaks for itself and we take pride in that fact. That’s why we don’t think long-term contracts are needed. We want you to keep working with us on merit, not because you signed a contract that will cost you more to stop service than to keep it going.

If a problem isn’t there, there’s no need to treat it. We begin each job with a complete inspection of your home to identify what your pest problems are and how they need to be treated. Then we treat those problems. We aren’t looking for problems that don’t exist.

Many pest control companies want to charge you every month as part of a long-term contract – we think that’s unnecessary. Modern pest control products are designed to last 90 days – even outdoors – and that’s how often we feel your property should be serviced. Of course, if something arises between visits, we’ll be there to treat it.

Highly recommend for your pest control needs! Courteous and professional small business! Will use again and again.


Courtney G.

Jeremy and his team are seriously the best in Chattanooga! They are incredibly kind, timely and extremely affordable. So glad we found them to treat our yard!


Kandace R.

Highly recommend these guys. They were on time, very courteous and very thorough with their work. They took care of these BEES for me and I am so excited to enjoy my deck again. Thank you guys!!


Danielle B.

We had a sudden infestation of ants. I contacted Nooga Pest Control on Friday evening and they were at our house first thing Monday morning. They did the most thorough inspection and treatment I have ever seen (in the house and the yard). They explained everything they were doing and why as well as offered tips on future prevention. They took extreme caution to be careful when it came to our pets and child. Will definitely use them again when the need arises and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Brad S.


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